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Hi there. I’m Kent. By day, I’m the youth pastor at Common Ground Church, in Cape Town. By night, I’m a sports and action photographer. Sometimes I’m both at the same time. I also like coffee, a lot.

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Purchasing Images

High-resolution digital images on this site may be purchased for non-commercial, personal use. Each image purchased helps to cover my costs, keeps me caffeinated, and enables me to continue photographing fixtures and events. Thanks in advance for your kind support!

This is a self-service system based on honesty and trust. I make it very easy for you to download full-resolution versions of my photographs without paying for them – but if you do so you’ll be guilty of theft, and I’ll be disinclined to continue offering photographic coverage of sporting events. Please rather consider supporting my photography by purchasing photographs instead.

You can browse my recent galleries via Dropbox (click on the logo below).


Galleries of each game will remain online for 1 week after upload, and thereafter will be deleted.

Feel free to download the photographs directly from the Dropbox folders, but please take a moment to pay for photographs that you download via PayPal using the buttons below. It’s quick, easy and secure.

You have the option to pay for full-resolution digital images suitable for personal use and high-quality prints, or lower-resolution digital images for social media use.

Prices are shown in US Dollars.

Single-image full-resolution download ($5.50):

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Single-image medium-resolution download ($2.50):

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Should you wish to pay to download the full gallery, click below ($35):

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If an EFT payment is more convenient you can find the relevant account details here.

Copyright disclaimer:

Please note that, unless otherwise specified in an agreement, ownership and copyright of all images remains © Kent Locke and all rights are reserved worldwide. Any brand, person or organisation MAY NOT appropriate these images for their own editorial, promotional or commercial use. For commercial or editorial enquires please contact the photographer directly.

Ordering Prints

I do not self-fulfill print orders, simply because individual orders are not worth the time and effort.

However, I would recommend commissioning prints through Orms, in Cape Town. They offer a professional and reasonably-priced service, with a quick turn-around time, and they deliver the highest quality prints.

Visit the Orms Print Room & Framing website for instructions on how to submit an order (it’s as easy as emailing the high-resolution photograph that you download from my Dropbox folder).

Surf Photography

Although I shoot a lot of hockey, I really enjoy surf photography. Below are some of my favourite images to date.

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